Many people gave us their help and support in making this video guide. A big thank you to:

Evelyn Lüthi-Graf, Hotelarchiv Schweiz; Ueli Junger, parish priest of Kandersteg; Walter Holzer – President of Kandersteg Village Association; Dorothea Stoller – Frutigen; the Stoller family – Gasthof Schwarenbach; the Platzer family – Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria; Angela & Klaus Bauer-Grichting and family – Grichting & Badnerhof; Didier Plaschy and Hanspeter Schneider – Via Storia; Christian Huser – Schweiz Tourismus; Thomas Steiner – Freiburg Tourismus; Madlene and Peter Jhly-Rupp and extras for the film-production.

The video guide “Rendez-vous with a Lady” is a coproduction by Trombitás GmbH (conception, project management and content) and hof3 GmbH (script, video production, graphics, programming app and website).

Spiro Sakoufakis, Jochen Briesen, Madlene Jhly-Rupp at the harpsichord.

Jemima Morell: Sylvia Garatti
Kaspar Brunner: Markus Amrein
Thomas Cook: Markus Amrein

The project has received the kind support of the tourism organisations of Leukerbad, Leuk and Kandersteg, the cantons of Berne and Valais, the Romandy lottery fund, the Gemmi cableways, and the national organisation Switzerland Tourism.

Mila Trombitas, mili@greenmail.ch
hof3 GmbH, info@hof3.com, www.hof3.com

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